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This is the new timetable for the 2015 BECE candidates who due to leakages of papers, examination malpractices and other unforeseen circumstances had 5 of their 9 subjects cancelled.

The new time table will afford them the ability to call themselves graduates and not “prosponed graduates” as they now call themselves in class.

This is the new timetable:
Monday 29th June, 2015
English Language 2
Integrated Science 2
Religious and Moral Education 2

Tuesday 30th June, 2015
Mathematics 2
Social Studies 1 and 2

I use this opportunity to advise WAEC to prevent any future occurence as the zeal with which the most of the children wrote the 2015 BECE before the cancellation was higher only to be told midway on 17th June, 2015 that all the core subjects have been cancelled in addition to RME.

I will not be surprised if the children show a poor perfomance this year compared to the many years of examination at the basic level. I wish them all the best and I encourage the investigation by BNI and WAEC to move on swiftly to help maintain orderliness on 29th and 30th June, 2015.