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“In this life we cannot always do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” – Mother Teresa


Thanks to all the many followers and ‘likers’ of my blog. You are the reason I am still doing what I like best and I pray for more grace to continue to inspire spiritually, physically and in every aspect.

Love you and continue to do your best to read more posts and comment often as usual.

Proud of you. Yes the one reading now.

“Precision is the output constant practise enhances.” – EmmaAmpadu

“Petulant people are incorrigible but can work on themselves by looking up the word and embracing its antonym.” – Emmanuel Ampadu

I am very sorry for the sudden halt in Dag Heward-Mills daily devotional. I had to suspend it for circumstances beyond my control but it is back again same time (12:00GMT) daily. Thanks for your patience and wait.

“Defamers aim at deflating the tyres of others forgetting it can be inflated back anytime or even new and better tyres fixed back on track.” – Emmanuel Ampadu

“If opinions were controlled by one person the world will move in one direction.” – Emmanuel Ampadu