Your daily devotional by Dag Heward-Mills (9th May, 2016)

Posted: May 9, 2016 in Bible, Devotional, Quiet Time, Religion
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 Dag Heward-Mills

READ: Psalm 103:8-22

Like as a father pitieth his children, so the Lord pitieth them that fear him.

Psalm 103:13

A father is a tree. A long time ago, there was a huge mango tree. A little boy loved to play around it every day. He loved to climb the tree to the top; eat the mangoes, take a nap under the shadow. He loved the tree and the tree loved to play with him.

Time went by and the little boy grew up. He no longer played around the tree everyday. After many years the boy returned again to the same tree. “Sorry, my boy, but I don’t have anything for you anymore. No more mangoes for you…,” the tree said. “I really can’t give you anything… The only thing left are my dying roots,” the tree said with tears.

The boy replied, “I don’t need much now, just a place to rest. I am tired after all these years.”

The tree answered, “Old tree roots are the best place to lean on and rest on. Come, come sit down with me and rest.” The boy sat down and the tree was glad and smiled with tears.

The tree is the father. When we were young, we loved to play with him. When we grew up, we left him only to come to him when we needed something or we were in trouble. Throughout life and through all the changing scenes of life fathers play a role to presumptuous children who think the fathers have nothing else to offer. Presumptuous and short-sighted sons say, “My father’s time is past. He is irrelevant to the times.” But time, the weather, the elements and the realities of life will reveal to all of such people that a father is forever a father!

Credit: Dag Heward-Mills


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