Serena Williams beats sister Venus to make US Open 2015 semi-finals | Sport | The Guardian

Posted: September 9, 2015 in Advice, Career, Inspiration, Inspirational, Job, Leadership, Mentor, Motivation, Public Speaking, Sports, Training, Words Of Wisdom
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The woman policing the gangway that leads down to the media seats on Arthur Ashe glanced at a stadium TV screen, and whispered, “I like Venus.”
It wasn’t “like” as in the American sporting argot, “think she will win”, more an expression of admiration bordering on sympathy for the older Williams sister (justified, as it happens), who was expected to be marmalised by Serena, the champion who had out-titled her over their careers 69-46, who had won 15 of their 26 matches and who was reaching for a quarter-final win that would propel her to within two victories of history.

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Credit: The Guardian


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