Your daily devotional by Dag Heward-Mills (1st July, 2015)

Posted: July 1, 2015 in Advice, Bible, Bible Commentary, Christianity, Devotional, Miracle, Quiet Time, Religion, Sacrifice, Training, Words Of Wisdom, Worship

July 01, 2015


Dag Heward-Mills

READ: Luke 16:19-31

For the word of God is…sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit…

Hebrews 4:12

The Bible makes it clear that the soul is different from the spirit. There is a dividing asunder (demarcation) between the spirit and the soul of a man. The Bible has descriptions of soulish activities. These help us to define what the soul of man is.

There are so many words in the Bible that are used to describe the activities of the soul. A soul can be said to be rejoicing (Psalm 31:7).The soul can magnify and bless the Lord (Psalm 103:2). The soul can be downcast (Psalm 42:5). The soul can be grieved (Judges 10:16). These are just a few of the emotions that the soul expresses. We can therefore conclude that the soul is a part of man that experiences thoughts and emotions.

The soul of the rich man was alive in Hell – he had thoughts, feelings and emotions even though he was dead and in Hell. That is why he recognised Lazarus. He could remember his five brothers and pleaded with Father Abraham to prevent them from joining him in Hell. The soul of the rich man had perished in the lake of fire and he could remember, think and feel as though he was on earth.

It is the soul that goes to Hell. Your spirit and your soul will suffer in Hell if you are not born again! Never forget this reality. You are a spirit (the inner man). You have a soul (feelings, thoughts and emotions). You live in a body (the house of flesh). When you know who and what you are, you will live your life in the right way and with the right attitude.


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